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As COVID happened, life came to a halt. Sitting at home, not meeting anyone, and with zero social life, I started looking for some alternative to indulge my mind. I used to love painting in my school time, but to be honest, we all tend to lose touch as we grow up. The only excuse is "Who has the time for this!" Guess what, now with this situation around, we can take out 1 hour for the love of art and bring a different kind of happiness to our lives.

With this thought, I started looking for tutorials, materials, and whatnot. A friend recommended Skillshare watercolour painting classes by Viddhi Saschit. So I gave a quick look and then bought the necessary art supplies. Starting with a beginner's lessons gave me the confidence to take small steps. Everyone around started liking my work, and that motivated even more to learn.

Viddhi has a unique way to teach where she goes from very basic and then step by step. All you have to do is follow her instructions, and you won't even know when the final painting gets completed! It's so easy. She also recommends what all variations we can draw so that we can create something of our own later.

If you still think that maybe you are too old to start afresh, then trust me, this is not true at all. With Viddhi's classes, anyone from a child to a grown-up can learn very quickly.