Here’s one for all you nature nuts out there!

The Conservation Education Centre {CEC} at the Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary usually offers park patrons a variety of trails they can drive or walk through. These trails include the Blue Bull, Peacock and Palash trails {to name a few}. The CEC is now inviting participants for a brand new Leopard Trail Programme, right here in Delhi {well, the outskirts}.

The programme takes participants through drives and walks in the forest to catch a glimpse of a leopard. Visitors are taught field methods for leopard monitoring and learn leopard traits {by studying pug marks and scat}. Expert guides and a breakfast in the middle of the forest are included in the programme.

The CEC says the best time to see a leopard is between 7am to 8am, so be ready to be up bright and early! The last date for registration is January 16. 

Where: Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary

When: 7am – 12.30pm, January 17

Price: INR 550 per head

Contact: 011 26042010, +91 8800741864, +91 9868441983 or email

Find out more here. Follow them on Facebook here.

Feature image courtesy: Ashish Kumar

Disclaimer: The image was shot at Yala National Park, Sri Lanka