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Look Closely, These Minimalist Decor Pieces Are Made Only From String & Pins!


    Conjured, seemingly, from thin air, Falana Dhimkana’s string art decor pieces come in funky shapes, lots of colours and can also be customised. A worthy replacement to posters, hang these up to personalise your room, kitchen or study area.

    Tied Up In Knots

    Started by a former chartered accountant, Kanwal Narula, Falana Dhimkana stays true to the concept of ‘waste-to-wonderful’ or upcycling. She transforms mundane objects that are easily found at homes, offices or with the kabaadiwaala into string art, stationery and even jewellery, giving them a fresh lease of life.

    The story of how Falana Dhimkana came to be is rather interesting – a proud Punjabi, Kanwal decided to use up the leftover patang ki dor that had accumulated in spools after the celebration of Lohri. Even today, she refers to her craft as dori killi and not string art.

    What We Loved

    One look at Falana Dhimkana’s Facebook page and you’ll know that her string wall art pieces are the true stars of the brand. Hugely popular in the 70s, string art faded away from memory for a bit, but Kanwal is trying to bring this quirky décor style back in vogue. Kanwal draws her inspiration from pop-culture so there’s this hipster mucchi, a funky flamingo, feathers, the Stark House sigil or even a sunny-side up egg. {P.S. we love the innovative uses that these can be put to as well, such as bathroom signage!}

    Check out her creations on Facebook here or on Instagram here – this is also the best way to place your orders {usually delivered between seven – 10 days}.

    So, We're Saying...

    Since Kanwal is happy to customise designs, these framed pieces make great gifts as well. Keep checking her Facebook page for more than just string art, though. Kanwal recently fashioned a chandelier from a cycle rim, a paraandi and lots of bangles!