Fancy Some Pop Culture On Your Sneakers? You'll Love Rivir Shoes


This sneaker brand paints cool pop art on canvas shoes and it's everything a shoe lover’s dreams are made of.

What Makes It Awesome

Rivir is a shoe brand with a very simple agenda—to tell stories through their shoes, instead of only ‘making a statement’. Their designs are fresh and artsy and bring a pop of colour to your wardrobe. They take plain, white converse canvas shoes and paint them with witty pop art references and eye-catching prints. Their collection starts from INR 1,495 and has both low top and high-top shoes. The pricing is done across two variants–INR 1,495 and INR 1,695.

The owners and artists are strong believers of telling stories through shoes, and are open to any customisation that you may have in mind. So, if you’re sneaker freaks like us, you should check them out right now!

What Could Be Better

We'd love to see more options in their espadrilles category.