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Shop India's Best Contemporary Designers for under INR 10,000 at Artisans Bazaar 2015

Editors posted on 01 July

First August, just in time for pay day, but even if that's not the dates your organization follows, it doesn't really matter, because everything is under INR 10,000. What the hell are we talking about? We're talking about LBB's second edition of Artisans Bazaar, retailing some of the finest, most contemporary, and home grown apparel and accessories designers' collections.

Before we go any further in this clearly magnetic post, let's answer some of your burning questions. No, nothing will have sequins on it {or however you take your bling}, it's not wedding wardrobe central, it's not unspeakable amounts of money for one square foot of cotton cloth, and there's plenty of menswear!

What is it then?

LBB and Ogaan are bringing together some of the best, most eclectic, artisanal, contemporary and skilled Indian designers, who are showcasing handmade, handwoven, and almost revivalist collections.

So think Indian textiles, domestic design aesthetics with contemporary spins, western silhouettes rooted in Indian sensibility, and accessories to boot. Our first edition drew over 1200 people, and we're not even including ourselves and our spoils. So this time round, we're expecting you to up that number, because how could edition 1 possibly win.

What can you look forward to?

Well firstly, if you're forcing a special someone to bring you, let him know there's plenty of menswear, so this is most definitely an equal event. Secondly, prices start at INR 500, and stop, yes, stop at INR 10,000. Kavita Bhartia, Raw Mango, Péro, 11.11 Cell Design, Dhruv Kapoor, Akaaro, Suket Dhir and Bodice at under INR 10,000? You're welcome.

We won't waste any more of your time - we have over 25 designers this time around, and we'll tell you about the rest and our picks of what to shop, closer to date. Instead of stalking them on Instagram, come see them up close, at under INR 10,000 {just saying it thrice, because third time's a charm}.

Who will be there?


Dhruv Kapoor
Rara Avis
Urvashi Kaur
Chetan Chhiller
Raw Mango
Cell Design
Soham Dave
Kavita Bhartia


Suket Dhir
White Champa


Dang: On Instagram as
Divya Chugh
Ritika Sachdeva
Eesha Zaveri
Sangeeta Boochra
Astha Jagwani

Bags/ Accessories:

Studio Accessories
Olivia Dar

A sale in time, saves nine and then some… and we're talking rupees.

Where: Ogaan, H 2 Hauz Khas Village

When: 1st of August, Saturday

Timing: 11am to 7pm