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F.A.T. Chef

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F.A.T. Chef: Exercise or Extra Fries?

Abhishikta posted on 28 December

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Get your superfoods fix with desserts, {yes, you read that right} at F.A.T Chef, which offers innovative, healthy recreations of indulgent desserts.


Black Velvet Cake


Hot Chocolate with Gingerbread Syrup


Guilt-free, high nutrition offerings, suited for a wide range of diet preferences

Deli, dining or drinks?

Spread across three levels, with a deli-patisserie, lounge and terrace, F.A.T. Chef’s menu lists an array of items, each sounding as decadent as the next but, surprisingly, made with low fat, high nutrition substitutes. F.A.T. {The Fitness Athletes Team Pvt. Ltd.} also provides customised meal plans, as well as nutrition and training consultations.

A cocktail bar with cold-pressed juice concoctions is work in progress, to add restorative value to the good ol’ Screwdriver.

No-stress desserts

We sampled a range of the desserts, all of which were flour-free, and used a sugar alcohol called Erythritol {which gets flushed out by the body naturally}. While desserts such as the Black Velvet Cake and the Banana Walnut Cake are comparable with other high-end bakeries in town, it comes as a complete surprise that the base ingredients used are flours made from rajma, brown rice, quinoa, water chestnut, zucchini and even tori!

The Chocolate Eclair {made with hung curd}, Deconstructed Banoffee Pie and the Blueberry Cheesecake are other winning healthy options to fulfil your sweet cravings. The lemon cake {with quinoa flour} and carrot cake {with a kuzu-carrot jelly} score high on the nutrient front, but don't taste exactly the same as the original. The hot chocolate {made with almond milk} is a winner– warm, dark and cosy– made even better with the gingerbread flavouring.

Healthy lovin'

The one thing that comes across very evidently is that this project is a labour of love for co-founders Trishla and Asad. A lot of thought and work has gone into finding substitutes for ingredients and cooking techniques, and they have an ISO certification to boot.

The savouries menu looks promising, and we eagerly await the 3-gram fat version of Delhi’s favourite, butter chicken.

Where: Shop 28, Meherchand Market, Lodhi Colony

Nearest Metro Station: JLN Stadium

Contact: 011 24656798

Price: INR 1,400 for two {approx.}

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F.A.T. Chef

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locationLodhi Colony

Shop 28, Meherchand Market, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi


F.A.T. Chef

locationLodhi Colony