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Buckle Up, People: Gifts You Can Give Dad To Make His WFH Life Cool

We're almost in the middle of 2020 and half of it has already gone by in a jiffy. These are challenging times and now more than ever we are learning the importance of family and what it means to be grateful for what we have. With Father's Day fast approaching, we must start thinking of some meaningful gifts that we can give to our superheroes. We know how tricky it can be when it comes to shopping for (and with) Dads. They almost never want anything for themselves, rather make sure we're loaded with stuff that we need. While it's the sweetest thing to witness, this time around let's change this status quo and give them something they're bound to love. Let's try and spruce up this work-from-home culture a bit. 

For all those who are fortunate enough to be quarantined with the fam, make sure you plan a splendid meal for your Dad. As for the rest of us who are longing to visit home, let's make sure we send in something for our old men. Let's get started. 

Leather Tool Box

Nappa Dori Leather Toolkit

Nappa Dori Leather Toolkit

Dads have always been pure geniuses when it comes to fixing things at home. Now that they're working from home and have to more time to spare, they're bound to take out to their beloved toolbox and start with the (often ignored) repairs at home. So, let's try and replace their rusty old toolbox with a more compact version. The first thing that pops up in our head when we think of elegant leather products is Nappa Dori. Their black, tan and navy blue toolkits have customised slots for basic tools which can be easily rolled up and carried. Not only does it look beautiful, but it is also highly convenient. 

Price: INR 8,800

Battery Operated Trimmer

Panasonic Nose and Hair Battery Operated Trimmer

There's so much more to men's grooming than just shaving. While on our daily Instagram pilgrimage, we stumbled upon this useful trimmer recommended by a men's grooming and fashion expert, Siddharth Batra. Extremely easy to use, this trimmer is specifically built for removing troublesome nose and ear hair. This definitely mounts for a perfect Father's Day gift. 

Price: INR 900

Bar Tools And Accessories

Nicobar Sitara Bar Tools

Nicobar Sitara Bar Tools

There's something about Dads and their precious crystals of a perfectly aged Scotch. Talking from experience, I've seen how invested my father was in getting his wooden bar cabinet made. There's nothing more fathers would appreciate than a few bar accessories to fill the cabinet up with (along with the colourful bottles of liquor, of course). Glass decanters, miniature liquor bottles, wine glasses in different sizes and so much more. We would particularly recommend getting Nicobar's stunning Sitara Bar Tools - peg measurer, ice picker, knife and a bottle opener. Should help them prepare a nice glass of G&T after a long day of zoom calls. 

Price: INR 2,800 

Handwoven Linen Shirts

Handwoven Linen Shirt By Harago

We've always wondered how our fathers (moms too, actually) are always so well-dressed even if they are to spend the entire day at home. We can barely get out of our jammies and then there's them - owning that casual work-from-home look. Even though Dads insist on making do with only a few shirts in their closet let's expand their collection a little. One of many local brands that we'd recommend for this is HARAGO. They've got some amazing handwoven shirts composed of breathable fabrics and natural dyes. These folks have taken sustainable fashion to another level with their beautiful collection for men.

Other brands you can refer to are Bareek, Bombay Shirt Company and more. Check out this list for more. 

Price: INR 2,000 onwards (approximately)

Personal Desk

Nakashima Desk By Baro

Now that everyone is going to stay put for a while, we may as well make working at home comfortable for our commanders in chief. A personal study desk is something the dad brigade would definitely approve of. Depending on your budget and liking, you can get one custom-built as well - something with organized drawers and shelves, perhaps? We'd recommend this desk (INR 48000) from Baro, it has a contemporary design and is perfect to fit in a bedroom space. This And That is another design studio that does customised furniture. Then there's Lap & Dado that retails stunning pieces of furniture. There's plenty more you can find here

Price: INR 48,000 (approximately)

Portable Smart Speakers

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) with Alexa (Black)

Don't we all have that Carvaan Radio at home that our fathers absolutely adore? While it is a great option when it comes to listening to some old classics, that's pretty much all you can do with it. Why not gift them something that does a little bit more. Apart from being highly functional and super convenient to carry, the smart speakers today do a whole bunch of other things as well - setting up reminders, playing different games, getting intel on literally anything in the world. Artificial Intelligence continues to blow our minds away. And as inquisitive as fathers are these make for a fun gift! 

Price: INR 3,499 onwards (Amazon Echo)

P.S.: Here are few other work from home gadgets that you can check out. 

Planners And Journals

Planners & Journals By Origin One

One of the many things that I've learnt from Dad is to make a "To-do" list before starting the day off. The delight of checking the boxes after each task is finished is exceptional. Whether it's for jotting down recipes or making a work plan, gifting our fathers some vintage stationery is always a good idea. Our favourite would be Nappa Dori's classic logbook (INR 375) or the Tan Sapper Log (INR 4,550). They have plenty of sleek pencil sets too. Another brand that does classic and traditional type of journals, planners, notebooks and more is Origin One. 

If that does not look very promising and you wish to browse through options you can check out this list

Price: INR 300 onwards (approximately)

Formal Wear

Men's Formal Shirts On LBB

The only good thing about attending a gazillion Zoom calls is that you only have to bother about what you're wearing above. Jokes apart, we can always give our fathers some crisp shirts and pants that are work-appropriate. While they may not be ready to let go of Peter England or Louis Philippe just yet, we can introduce them to many new brands that do formal wear for men. Brands like Portray, Happy April and more have an amazing collection. They're available to shop here on LBB too!