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Duck, Paneer, Fish: Fatty Bao has Buns for Everyone


    The popular Asian restaurant {of Bangalore fame} has brought us gigantic baos, kitschy interiors and Panda chopsticks.


    Roast Duck Bao, Cottage Cheese Bao


    Mickey Ninja, Fatty Sour


    For its surprisingly good vegetarian selection

    Of pandas and colours

    Situated on the second floor of the new Sangam Courtyard, The Fatty Bao has bagged quite a spacious area for itself, complete with large bay windows overlooking the Prince Pan Corner street. The décor is uber vibrant; the quirk game is strong. Pendant lamps shaped like ramen bowls, complete with chopsticks and wires shaped like noodles, colourful crockery designed in-house, and lots of wall art featuring cutesy pandas, baos and dim sums.

    What’s on the menu?

    Baos of course, {steamed buns which originated in Korea but are now found in many Asian meals}, sushi, Chasu Ramen, Pork Belly, lots of seafood {Fatty Oysters, Miso Cod, Salmon Carpaccio}, truffles, and a variety of drinks, including sake, and a stellar list of cocktails: We personally loved the Mickey Ninja {vodka with muddled OJ and cucumber} and the Fatty Sour for its fruity raspberry flavours, without being excessively sweet.

    Bao wow

    Their signature item, the bao, is available in a large variety of fillings. Whereas it may be a good idea to go in and try every single one on a particularly hungry day, our recommendations include the Roast Duck, Cottage Cheese, Chickpea, Wasabi Fish, Pulled Pork and the Roasted Aubergine.

    We were pleasantly surprised to find quality vegetarian fare at an Asian restaurant, and rolled back home feeling like fatty baos.