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    Check Out The Feminist Doodles This Artist Makes On Bags, Postcards & More!

    Tushar posted on 17 August


    Syeda Tanzeela Husain is a doodler and artist, and she makes amazing feminist illustrations on phone covers, badges, diaries and more.

    Great For

    Unique products, handmade designs and amazing doodles

    What Makes It Awesome

    Tanzeela’s Instagram and Facebook pages are full of her quirky, feminist artwork. Starting by doodling on the back of her notebooks, she has definitely come a long way—a way as far as creating quite the buzz at Comic Con.

    Her geometrically aesthetic doodles—usually of Hijab-donning girls—look absolutely stunning. With quotes like ‘the future is female’ and ‘if you sexist me, I will feminist you,’ the products she has in her artistic arsenal are amazing, to say the least.

    She’s got products like badges, diaries, posters and bags, which you can score and check out on her social media pages. We are absolutely in love with her artistic creations, and we say you get yourself one. 

    What Could Be Better

    We wish more of her doodles that we see on her social media were made into products. 


    Keep up with her latest doodles on her Instagram page (and maybe drop a DM asking her to make them into cool products?).

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