So Many Options! This Noida Eatery Delivers Thai, Italian & 4 More Cuisines



    If you’re staying or working in Noida, this delivery joint needs to be on your radar for their variety of delicious food, ranging from Mexican to Continental to American, they’re doing it all brilliantly.

    Scrumptious Scrooge

    While we swear by our meat, our vegetarian friends told us that they’ve been more than happy with all the grub they’ve had here. The vegetarian chipotle bowl is to die for, as is the spaghetti bolognese {add some chicken to it, carnivores, and you’re sorted}. The pizzas have hand-rolled dough, and the Jughead’s Special sounds like a meaty delight while Pinnochio’s Paneer sounds pretty promising too.

    They’re doing Indian food as well if you’re in the mood for some homey, comfort food – think straight from the clay oven like tikkas and kebabs. The falafel wrap sounds good, and the Burger Lab has something called the Mutton-e-Azam, which we’re probably going to save our appetites for. The Goan fish curry and Drunken Prawns work well for seafood lovers. Go international with the Nasi Goreng – trust us, you won’t be disappointed. There’s just so much on the menu that it’s hard to not find something that would pique your curiosity {and satiate your appetite}.

    So, We're Saying...

    Can’t agree on one cuisine when you and the gang are chilling? Sam And Scrooge have got your back. Order whatever you’re all in the mood for with these guys.