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Finding Mr. Right | Home Repair Services in NCR

Aditi posted on 31st January

By Aditi Datta

You may have found yourself wondering where your Mr. Right is, or if you’re already with someone, then who was wrong and who was right. Deeper questions of existentialism, companionship and co-dependency aside, the biggest challenge of co-habitation might well be the running of the household. If you put romance to one side, reliability is one of the most basic characteristics we seek in partners. As our lives get fuller, and we cram into twenty-four hours what we’d like to do over a week, the quickest way to your other half’s heart might very well be to fix a fuse. On the switchboard, we mean.

Undeniably, one of the true joys of a union is the sharing of tasks, the division of labour, the option to call in a brownie point in exchange for having to unclog a drain. We’re really happy to see an increasing number of households sharing the work load on the home front. And when there is a conflict, it is hardly a question of capability between genders, but more a matter of will between individuals. Let’s face it, nothing saps romance faster from your life than a discussion on leaking air-conditioner ducts.

So men and women of the world will be happy to know that there is now a Mr. Right on call. One you don’t have to prod, and one you don’t owe favours to in return. Except of course, the fee for his services.

Mr. Right is a smart, clean website that connects you with capable repair persons who specialise in whatsoever your trouble of the week is. Laptop running too slow? RO filter needs servicing? Pests {of the creepy crawly kind} that need to be controlled? Mr. Right allows users to create a case on the site and specify a date and time slot they’d like to have the serviceperson visit. They then allocate a service person, confirmed via text, who will call to ensure you are home at a specific time within the 3 hour window, and who will actually show up when he says he will. Job done, followed by a feedback call the next day, text acknowledgement of payment and/or an email receipt for all you diligent filers of expenses.

What we love is that Mr. Right resolves one of the biggest, and maybe even the only hiccup with ringing the neighbourhood plumber or electrician. Professional, on time and on the ball, Mr. Mangat fixed our busted oil heater, didn’t insist on unnecessary spare parts being replaced, and restored the warm loving feeling to at least one household in Gurgaon.

The servicemen, on their part, couldn’t be more pleased with this centralised approach. They ensure their time is spent well, their services are used regularly, and fair pay as per Mr. Right’s reasonable rate card means no negotiation with Mrs. Aunty trying to get the better of a tenner.

What do you know, NCR – there is a Mr. Right after all!

Notes in our Little Black Book | 

Mr. Right is an online platform connecting a crew of professionals who perform essential repair services with users facing common household/appliance inefficiencies. Punctual, courteous and capable, here come the men in right, galaxy defenders!

For more information: Click here

Contact: 1800-200-3818

Prices: Standardised prices for most common cases are listed here. There are minimum visiting charges for of INR 200 or INR 300, depending on the type of professional service needed. In our experience, most cases will meet the minimum requirement in any case.

Mr. Right

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