Finish An Ethnic Or Boho Look With Crave Connect's Pretty Footwear

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Crave Connect


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What Makes It Awesome

A shoe brand that sells comfort first? Hallelujah!

One look at Crave Connect, and you’ll immediately notice two things—a lack of high heels (so you can skip on the good-looking yet painful choices), and plenty of comfy sandals with fresh, never-seen-before designs. 

The aesthetic is quite boho (we see ourselves pairing them up with our long, flowy dresses). Expect colours, tassels, embroidery, animal prints and more to render the pretty designs, and they use the best-quality material like man-made leather, for well- padded insoles.  

What Could Be Better

This brand is more for those who are into the whole open-toe, boho vibe (take a look at the collection and you’ll know what we mean). It might not go with everyone’s taste.