Rashi posted on 24th April

Nine Off-Beat First Date Ideas that Don't Include Restaurants

We know {a little too well, don’t judge} how sitting across each other over a meal, might as well have awkwardness listed as a side on the menu. Also, fear of getting some food stuck in your teeth. Jesus. Although psychologically, if you spend a majority of the time on your first date talking to each other, you’re more likely to continue dating. Here’s 10 first date ideas, that should help break the ice, and best of all, might ensure you actually have fun, even if your date turns out to be a disaster.

Here’s hoping it all goes according to plan.

Delhi By Cycle

So you can take each other for a ride. Forgive us, we had to go for it.  Perfect way to ask someone out casually, since you can use the ‘Ive been meaning to get to know Delhi {and you}’ line. We recommend the Old Delhi route; you’ll be part of a larger group, so there’s no pressure. It starts at the crack of dawn though, so if you’re not a morning person, this might not be a good fit.

Get in touch, pick and route and make a booking here.

Trivia Nights at Speakeasy, Cocktails and Dreams

Hosted every alternate Friday, the bar is intimate enough for you to be able to get really close. Also, skip the awkward first thirty minutes by participating in the trivia. By the time its over, you’ll be comfortable enough to start talking. PS: Watch your competitive streak, one of us has lost many a suitor by overdoing the need to win.

Light and Sound Show at Purana Qila

Whether you do this earnestly, or in an ironic way, here’s two things to remember. One, you’ll never forget your first date, and secondly, attention is on the show, until you can relax and be easy around each other. PS: It’s actually a super show, and there’s something romantic about its setting. Also lots of hidden alleyways and tunnels. ALWAYS call ahead, they aren’t too strict about their scheduling.

Bowling and Video Games at Yes Minister

Formerly Essex Farms, this one got the most votes at the LBB HQ’s. If you’re a nineties kid, you’ll know the joy that was Essex Farms. Now revamped and snazzy, you can surprise your date; play a game of air hockey, compete in those basketball booths, and if you’re really looking to play, test your game in the bowling alleys. They now have a mechanical bull as well! TC is down the road, for when you want to turn to adult time.

Art Exhibits at NGMA and other Galleries

For the more culturally inclined, and less adventurous, Delhi has a host of excellent galleries and exhibits. The National Gallery of Modern Art is an excellent starting point, unless you know your art, and therefore will have your own picks of where to go. Check out our gallery guide, for ideas. On which gallery to visit. The rest of it, you’re on your own.

Get a whole list, here. 

Real Life Escape Games at Ctrl. Shift. Esc

Get this, you’re trapped in a room, with a timer, and ample clues. You have sixty minutes to figure your way out of the room, and into each others arms, crack codes, solve puzzles and escape. If it doesn’t go to well, the need to escape each other will make you excel in the actual game. So you can walk away with at least one win. Book a game for two, or play as part of a larger group.

Heritage Walks

Pick a route, pick a company, and sign up for a curated walking tour. The heritage walks in Mehrauli Archeological Parks, Hauz Khas, Lodi Garden and Jama Masjid are great bets, but best to be mindful of the weather and time of day. You don’t want to be out in a sweat for all the wrong reasons. Men, don’t wear running shoes with jeans. Just putting it out there.

Find a full list of walks, here. 

Live Gigs at Akshara

Ever so often, homegrown artists host small, intimate gigs at Akshara, either as previews, or as part of an EP launch. Equipped to seat a 100 people, the theatre itself, is perfect for a first date; small, intimate, and best news of all, dim. You know what dim lighting does on a first date. Physical equivalent to a little airbrushing.

Ice-cream at India Gate

You may be under the impression this is cheesy, but there’s something to be said about a potential suitor that doesn’t take life too seriously. And nothing screams that louder than a walk and ice-cream at India Gate. For the ladies, security is tight in the area, so you can relax about unnecessary attention. We meant from bystanders. But you might want to rethink this date, if that wasn’t your first thought. We recommend you visit after sunset; if nothing else, your surroundings will give you plenty to talk about.

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