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Coffee Sangria & Tasting Sessions at Perch


    With a variety of wines, wine-based cocktails, coffees and a selection of quick bites, Perch is one of those spots that you should bookmark for just about anything- catching up with an old friend, a date or a special occasion.

    Wine it up

    Perch offers at least 30 wines on their list at any given point in time. They change their selections every three months {as the weather changes}. They’ve got their Autumn menu running at the moment, starring a range of red wines. Look out for heavier, bolder wines on their Winter menu, which is slated to make an appearance by the end of the month.

    Brewed bliss

    Connoisseurs- look alive. Perch houses a wide spectrum of single-origin speciality coffees from Kenya, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Uganda and more. Their iced coffees deserve a special mention, as does the Vietnamese brew. Don’t leave without trying their Coffee Sangria- the first of its kind in the city {if not the country!}.

    You could also try their special coffee-tasting menu, or three different beans in one brewing style- plenty of options!

    Calling out cocktails

    Most of their menu has cocktails that are centered around wine and coffee, but in case that isn’t to your liking, we’d recommend the Jalisco Mule {a Moscow Mule with tequila} or the Reverse Martini {gin and Vermouth}. We’d reckon the Bourbon Toast {bourbon, orange, lime, camomile tea, bitters and egg white} is worth a try as well.

    Food fix

    Whether you’re looking to eat big or small- they’ve got options. Opt for the cheese or the cold-cuts platters for when you’re having wine {always a classic combination} and the Double Chocolate Mousse for an extra sweet fix.

    Now that we’ve left you perched at the edge of your seats, drop in for a visit soon.

    For an in depth piece on Perch’s background and services, read Karina Aggarwal’s first look at the place, here.