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Fit Bites Gives You A Taste Of Health In Noida's Sec 18 Market

Rini posted on 19 April


Barely four-months old, Fit Bites, owned by Ankit Vij and Yogesh Choudhary, has managed to create a space for itself in the highly competitive Sector 18 market.

Chow On

The Quinoa Power Salad with Honey Lemon Vinaigrette. The combination of honey and lemon made the salad tangy, and to our tastebuds, it resembled a chaat more than a salad!

Sip On

Anti-Oxidant Fruit Punch Smoothie is a meal in itself, and if you eye protein power and similar supplements with suspicion like we do, you can ask them to remove it from your smoothie, just like we did. The smoothie was yum, with the taste of every fruit distinct.

Winning For

We loved the fact that the number of calories have been listed for most of the dishes, along with a breakdown of the nutrient consumption.

A Good Mix

Healthy and tasty is no longer an oxymoron here in Noida with the opening of Fit Bites. Their Fitness Fuel range offers main course meals—usually a portion of protein with rice. The Chicken & Chilli Stir Fry served with Brown Rice was just the right kind of enjoyable spicy.

The Detox Heart Beat from their range of juices was was great for that price; the quantity and the taste made it really worth it. Their juices are good enough for a meal right before the gym, as the owner informed us.

Fresh And Fun

We highly recommend the Minty Grilled Vegetable Sandwich for all our vegetarian buddies. All the sauces, pesto and hummus are made fresh {we’ve witnessed it!}.

Chia seed pudding, made with almond milk, is again a winner. The sweetness and the crunchiness from the fruits made it the perfect dessert to conclude the meal.

What To Expect?

We can’t wait for their upcoming mojito, made with coconut water instead of soda. Soups and more pizza options will also find their way into the menu soon!

With a nutritionist on board who checks the nutritional value and gives a go-ahead for all the recipes, Fit Bites knows its proteins and carbs to the ‘T’. For all fitness enthusiasts, this cafe is a boon, because if you share your workout regime with them, they’ll customise a meal plan for you!

Pretty cool, we think!

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Fit Bites

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