There are those that need a nutritionist after Diwali, a vacation, or a heavy wedding season. Then there are those who have their nutritionists on speed dial – the perennial indulgers. Some get food plans {cause diets are so 90’s} to drop the excess pounds they’ve packed on, while others follow these as a healthy way of life. From the uber disciplined, to the social animal, to the foodie, Delhi seems to have a nutritionist for all kinds.

Here’s a list of nutritionists in the city that can help you achieve your goals.

Dr. Karun Makhija

Also known as the ‘Miracle man,’ most of my friends and I swear by him. Some have criticised him for encouraging meals like pizza and pasta dinners, but hey, if you’re super social or love food and are going to eat this stuff anyway, let him tell you how to eat it. Quantity control and satisfying cravings so as to prevent over-indulgence, his food plans work in every sense of the word. Most of the lazy lot might love the fact that he doesn’t insist on exercise {from a weight loss perspective}.

Where: S 177, GK 2

Contact: 011 29212343

Tapasya R Mundhra

Encouraging a way of life and not a diet plan, she literally looks after your entire body and well being. I’ve seen her products – not only do they help drop the excess weight, they make you hair and skin radiate a healthy glow. She’ll keep a track on your meals at all hours of the day, and make you drink some rather unfamiliar concoctions, but the food is simple, wholesome, and she just seems to get what the body needs.

Her plans leave you feeling lighter and visibly healthier, and teaches one how to manage metabolism.

Where: C- 52, Nizammuddin East

Contact: 011 41071923

Dr Anjali Huda

An obesity management doctor with Fortis, Nehru Place, she runs an excellent and easy to follow program, and I’ve seen the results of her three month tie-in plan. After assessing any and all medication you might be on, she prescribes a simple, home food diet with options for meals, which are easy to follow and don’t leave you starving or craving more food.

For those with little time on their hands, she asks to see you only once every 3 weeks, unless you are facing a problem with the plan. But she does stress on regular exercise in order to optimise the benefits of the plan.

Where: Fortis Hospital, Nehru Place

Contact: 011 49101222

Ultimate Life

Some people go underground and then emerge after a bit, looking like a million bucks. It is through one of these situations that I discovered Dr. Amit and Dr. Smriti. Both Ayruvedic doctors, they explain that according to Ayurveda, the body is looked after through three methods – food, lifestyle and medication.

The doctors at Ultimate Life gauge your Ayurvedic constitution by a set of Ayurvedic principles {an imbalance in the five elements can cause a tendency to gain weight or fall ill} and rectify this with a diet that aims to better your metabolism.

Where: B 1A/36, B block market, Sector 51, Noida

Phone: 0120 4232750

Ishi Khosla

Having started the first of its kind health food company – Whole Foods – this lady is all about healthy living. She consults with clients once a week, and sends you home with a food diary that you must maintain through the week, which she then assesses at the next meeting. She has also started an online weight management program, so her services are available to anyone who can’t get a one on one appointment or doesn’t have the time to meet with her personally. You can read more here.

Where: 47 Community Centre, Friends Colony

Phone: +91 9910233614