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Fit Hits | Things we told you about getting/staying fit in Delhi

Editors posted on 08 March

By Rashi Wadhera

Welcome to spring! Just when you thought it would get hotter, it’s pissing down rain and our hopes for sunshine have been thwarted. But, we know we can count on our enviable summer to make a grand entrance, and that only brings to mind one major concern - getting fit for the season. We’ve published many a guide, nutritionist directory and apps that you can use to move the process along, and now that we can’t hide under puffy gilets, we bring them all together in one place, so you can be spoilt for choice. From boot camps to blends - whether you’re looking to sweat, shed or sustain, we have you covered.


A no gym-goers guide to getting fit in Delhi | If you’re not a fan of the gym, especially that familiar moist smell of sweat, check out these incredible alternatives. Read more here.

Boot Camps | Still struggling to keep up with your fitness resolution? Try a workout-buddy system boot camp, {very military training-esque}; it’s supposed to have a higher success rate. Read more here.

Get app and at it | Fitness apps on your phone; download a personal trainer or nutritionist. From efficient workout routines to calorie counters, learn how to use your smart phone to get or stay fit. Read more here.


Rejuvenating Blends | If you’re fresh off the heels of a stressful wedding season, or just want to give your system a chance to reboot, here’s a bunch of DIY detox juices that should do the trick. Read more here.

The Juicy Details: Antidote | A new label to love. Experiment with Antidote’s cold-pressed juice cleanses, either in addition to your current food plan or as a substitute. All juices are free from any sugar, preservatives and gluten, and contain super foods such as arugula, coconut and almond milk. Read more here.

Under 20 minute mindful meals | We’ve realized a major reason for breaking diets is the lack of time to put together a healthy meal. Here are three wholesome meals you can make in less than 20 minutes. Play around with the ingredients for personal renditions. Find the recipes here.

The Mindful Foodie’s Guide: Cafes and Groceries | Bon appetit from us weight watchers! Part 1 of our mindful foodie’s guide is filled with joints that serve organic and/or chemical free food, and stores for organic ingredients - incase you’re in the mood to make your own meal. Find them here.

The Mindful Foodie’s Guide: snacks, dips and baked goodies | Part 2 of our mindful foodies guide; feel less guilty about binging off our list of snacks, dips and baked goodies! Find them here.

Gluten Free dining in Delhi | If you’re getting on the gluten free bandwagon, this is what you need to know. From a list of dietary guidelines to gluten-free dining options around the city, find out how to be Glutenous here.

Fit or Fat, Nutritionists in Delhi | If time, inclination and lack of discipline are slowing you down, we recommend visiting a professional. We scouted a list of the best food-planners in the city; you get weighed every week, so it’s much harder to cheat! Read more here.