To Cheat Or Not To Cheat? Achieve Your Goals With Blogger Priyanjana's Fitness Tips & Tricks

Lipton posted on 13 February


Juggling between work and blogging, Priyanjana is a Bangalore-based fashion and lifestyle blogger. Her blog Moonshine & Sunlight features her everyday experiences, including food, travel, beauty, fitness and more.

Fat Good, Unfit Not Good

Have a fixed goal or need to get fit, but don’t have the dedication? Priyanjana has always been clear that being healthy and curvaceous is great and empowering for all, but being unfit is definitely an issue that needs to be relooked at. For 2018, her goals are straightforward and clear, as she focuses on toning her body, picking a sport and losing weight, all to maintain a healthier lifestyle. 

Dance Baby, Dance

A trained, classical dancer, rhythm comes naturally to Priyanjana. This makes it easier for her to follow workout tips from Danielle Peazer, her idol. A dance workout is perfect for those who want to bring fun into their fitness regimen, and a healthy dose of endorphins always helps!  Another focus area is running, something that’s not only perfect for those who have a hectic schedule {and find it tough to maintain a work-life balance}, but also helps one in diversifying their fitness outlook!

No Cheat Days!

We can’t imagine getting fit without cheat days, because isn’t that the true motivation to stick to your diet? But Priyanjana has an interesting take on cheat days and loves playing switcheroo so that every day is kind of a cheat day! So, when she craves chips, she munches on kale chips, white rice is switched up with brown rice and that pesky old cola has made way for ice tea {especially Lipton, that comes with no artifical flavours, and no sugar}. So, if you are looking for some inspiration and easy to follow instructions then you should start following Priyanjana on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. After all, 2018 is the year we get fit and back on track with our fitness goals!