We’re going to be straight with you: We love Al Bake but it’s not real shawarma. These are.


zizoMade from scratch {even the bread is baked in-house}, Zizo’s shawarmas are hot, fresh and full of flavour. The Chicken Shawarma has shreds of meat roasted in traditional spices and is paired with tomatoes, lettuce and tahini.

For vegetarians, we’d recommend the Falafel Roll, which strikes the perfect balance between crunchy and soft. Both are served with pickled vegetables and either garlic paste or tahini paste.

#LBBTip: Head here for a semi-casual lunch or dinner. The portions are fairly large- you may have trouble finishing one roll by yourself.

Al Zaitoon

zaitoonPositioned as a fast food joint, Al Zaitoon offers mind-boggling variety when it comes to their shawarmas. They have the traditional Lebanese style {shredded chicken with garlic paste, lettuce and tahini paste} which scores big in terms of taste, as well as styles from different parts of the Middle East.

Traditional is spot-on, but for a change, we’re recommending their Kuwaiti variant.

#LBBTip: Good for a quick dinner. They also send plenty of accompaniments- pickled vegetables and hummus.


faarsiWe’ve hit them up for post-party or post-work binges, considering their ideal location {at least for the former} in Hauz Khas Village and never been disappointed. Their shawarmas are filling, come with garlic paste, hummus and pickles, so we have options for flavours, and maintain authenticity.

Go for their Lamb Shawarma Wrap, or if you can’t do without the spice, the Falafel Wrap.

#LBBTip: They’re open till 12.30am, so you can you can indulge when the cravings kick in later than usual.


habibiThe perfect lunch option, Habibi does a decent job of their shawarmas. The Falafel roll contains onions, which we’re not big fans of; it loses its authenticity but does not compromise on taste. The Chicken Shawarma is well-made- not too dry, with lettuce, tomatoes and tahini to make it softer.

If you’re really hungry, go for their combo offers.

#LBBTip: This is a great outlet to order in from; they deliver fairly quick and the food comes hot and well-packaged.


featureWe’d reserve Fidahh for one of those grab-and-go sort of days, when you have no time to sit and eat. Their Chicken Shawarma falls on the drier side, so might we recommend supplementing with hummus {which is complimentary} and perhaps a soda?

The Falafel Wrap isn’t one of the best we’ve tasted {this is slightly dry too} but ranks decent on our authenticity scale in terms of taste.