Get These Cocktails For INR 129 Each At Your Favourite Places In Town

Shilpi posted on 14 February

We drink on days that end with a Y (#Relate?). HQbe just made our belief stronger by giving us 6 cocktails for INR 129 each at most of our favourite places in the city for the next 10 days. So if you’ve got a lot of party nights planned, then this app is a must on your phone. All you gotta do is pre-book any of the 6 cocktails from HQbe App and you can redeem it at any of the partner restaurants of their choice. Keep reading to know which drinks are on offer and why they are definitely worth it.


The concoction of coconut cream, orange juice and pineapple juice join BACARDÍ black in this drink brings the tropics right to you in a glass. A twist on the classic Piña Colada, the Painkiller cocktail is the quintessential rich and fruity tropical drink.

Pina Negra

If you love your pineapple, then this will give you an extra kick because the mixture of chilled with BACARDÍ Black rum with pineapple juice and lots of ice. There’s a hint of coconut that just adds on to the deliciousness.

Tormenta Negra

Spanish for ‘Black Storm’, the Tormenta Negra is a twist on the classic rum and ginger beer cocktail. BACARDÍ Carta Negra rum creates a more intense experience. An intriguing balance of spice and sourness makes this a true original among rum cocktails.

Rum & Coconut Water

This tropical combination is another great alternative to the ever so creamy Pina Colada.  Another. This concoction of BACARDÍ Black, coconut water and angosutra bitters over ice demands your attention.

Midnight Martini

Beat the winter blues with this coffee based cocktail. This modern classic comprises of BACARDÍ Black, espresso and sugar syrup is the one true love for all coffee aficionados.

Blue Mojito

This drink is a typical twist to any tropical drink, especially because of the blue. This one will transport you back to the crystal blue waters of an ocean and is beyond refreshing! 

So, We Are Saying…

Take your pick & get ready to drink! You can also win a free drink if you vote for your favourite cocktail at your choice of restaurant from HQbe App/ Web post it on your social media. IG-er’s, get your game face on and your phones out. This offer is only valid for those above the legal drinking age in Delhi i.e. 25 years. So no cheating.

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