Fondant, Frosting & Fresh Cream, Truffle Tangles' Cakes Are Absolutely Divine


    Way before patisseries and bakeries mushroomed in Gurgaon, we relied on home bakers for every occasion. Ila is one of our favourites and her venture, Truffle Tangles, has delighted cake-lovers for years now!

    You Want A Piece Of Me?

    Ila at Truffle Tangles is a mom of three so she takes special occasions rather seriously, especially birthdays. We can safely say that at least half the homes this side of town have ordered and loved a Truffle Tangle cake in the last few years. From fondant to fresh cream, she does it all- just tell her what you have in mind and voila! She will create a gorgeous and unforgettable cake.

    As much as we love the novelty of fondant, it’s her old-school cream cakes that hit the spot- we love the mangoes and cream, pineapple and the super decadent chocolate truffle! The last amazing one she did was a 9 kg cake with chocolate truffle, vanilla pound cake and red velvet, aptly called Candyland.

    Another One Bites The Crust

    The best part is you don’t need an occasion to order Truffle Tangles’ delights; Ila does lots more than just cakes. After ditching a long menu of sweets and savouries, she’s only focussed on desserts and her cheesecake is legendary.

    For smaller bites, try the cookies, brownies and cupcakes. In fact she does occasion cupcakes too with super pretty icing and fondant toppers, made with fresh cream, premium butter and homemade preserves.

    So, We're Saying...

    Truffle Tangles is bakery that uses  lots of candy, cream, chocolate and love to whip up delicious goodies!