We love the monsoons, and not just for the rains, but also for the hot, delectable food that just tastes better during the season. The food super-store, Foodhall, is honouring the Gods of rain by hosting a month long monsoon festival {yay}, where you can savour soups, desserts, hot beverages and more. Excited? Here’s what we found awesome in their collection.

It’s Raining Cronuts

150716_foodhall_monsoon festival 02

The latest in Foodhall’s bakery and patisserie menu is Cronut; a croissant-donuts hybrid rolled in cinnamon sugar and served warm. Don’t stop just yet, they also have their on-the-go dessert menu to try out, including chocolate fondant and apple crumble {yum}.

Golden Milk For The Indian-Flavoured Monsoon

150716_foodhall_monsoon festival 04

If you are at Foodhall, we recommend you try their glass of Golden Milk {haldi milk}. Made from grounded turmeric, ginger, almond milk, honey and saffron, a glass of golden milk is high on taste with therapeutic qualities.

The live kitchen at the Foodhall is also serving chatpata Indian flavours from the streets of Mumbai; do try some vada pav with Kashmiri kahwa {green tea} or matka chai.

Matcha Cinnamon Tea Latte

150716_foodhall_monsoon festival 03

If you’re still looking for an excuse to visit Foodhall, there’s also the vegan Matcha Cinnamon Tea Latte {first of its kind in India, and also our favourite} to try out. Rich in antioxidants {almost 10 times to that of tea}, the Matcha Latte succeeds in combining health with taste.

So, We’re Thinking

With desserts, Indian flavours and hot beverages, Foodhall can make for your perfect afternoon-out on a rainy day.

Do let us know what else you found awesome at Foodhall in the comments below.

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