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Foodhall for your Oriental Food Fix

Editors posted on 23 June

For us, oriental food is the ultimate comfort food - warm, light and full of flavour, just the way we want our lives to be. And it's true - there isn't much a well prepared round of dim sum can't placate and a spicy and coconut-ey Thai curry can't cure.

The minds behind Foodhall feel the same way, and have declared the month of June their Oriental month. This one goes beyond just appreciating and preparing food, it is a calm understanding of food and the enlightenment that comes from it. For you newbies, their live counters will rustle up the likes of Sesame Soba noodles, Thai Spring Rolls and of course, the unassuming but always delicious Sauteed Greens - in Basil and Chili sauce. You can also go with the more traditional Green or Red Thai curry with Jasmine rice, or experiment with Tofu Satay in a peanut sauce. Personally we're looking forward to our favourite Tom Yum Soup, and the intriguing Japanese Soba Noodle.

There's a whole world of ingredients to experiment with when replicating the flavours at home. The Khao Suey and Curry {green and red} pastes cut your work time in half, but still deliver the flavour, the fresh Lemongrass and dried Basil are instrumental for aroma, and the dim sum baskets will keep your preparation freshly steamed, akin to a fine-dining restaurant. As usual, Foodhall stresses the importance of the raw materials and has stocked up on fruit and vegetables that are often used in Oriental cooking. We're looking at Thai eggplants, raw papaya and Edamame {Asian beans}.


Their bakery {saving the best for last} will feature Galang Pavs, Japanese Tea Panna Cotta and as a special treat, Toasted Sesame and Mango pudding.

Chinese, Thai, Korean or Vietnamese - whichever may be your ultimate luxury, you will find at Foodhall. This month comes with the promise of an Oriental food trail and they do not disappoint.

When: 5th June - 5th July

Where: Level 4, Gurgaon Central Mall, Sector 25, M. G. Road, Gurgaon; DLF Place Mall, Saket; DLF Promenade Mall, Vasant Kunj

Contact: 01244309970 for Gurgaon; 01141080520 for Saket; 01145629630 for Vasant Kunj

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