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A Pooch Party Across Town, And You're Invited

Ragini posted on 09 September

What Is It?

Feed Street Pooches, an event organised by For The Fur Kids, is aimed at feeding as many stray dogs around the city as we can.

Who Is It For?

If you're a dog lover {or general animal lover}, there's no reason for you to miss this one.

Tell Us About It

The event is being organized by For The Fur Kids, an initiative for animal welfare, pet adoption, fostering and care. This event is a little different from your daily Facebook events; it doesn't require you to go to a specific place or pay anything. All they ask is for people to step out of their houses and feed the stray dogs in their own neighbourhood, society or at animal shelter.

A little effort can go a long way in helping out our furry neighbours, and who knows, you may even earn some new friends around the neighbourhood.

Check out the event here.

When: Sep 16 - 22

Featured photo source: Andrey via Wikimedia Commons[CC BY 2.0]