For The Love Of Silks! Rock that Diwali look with Love & Care's expert care wash.


What Makes It Awesome

Dilliwallahs have always had an individual sense of style and the festive season of Diwali provides a fabulous opportunity to witness the multiple ethnic trends that the city folks are capable of. With contemporary fashion evolving constantly -  often fusing flowing Indian styles with western cuts -  it is all about edgy fashion mingled with traditional Indian attires now! But there’s a catch. There is always a catch, isn’t there? 

We all love to bring out our lovely silks, georgette sarees and embroidered salwar suits during the festivities. It is, after all, the time to channel your inner goddess, dress your best, and to slay them all!  But taking care of those exquisite outfits is always such  a strenuous job. Not to mention all the decisions you need to take. Wash them by hand? Soak them in shampoo?  Deep breaths, people. It gets better. 
We’ve got Love & Care to our rescue. Love & Care is an expert care wash, tailor made for silks! Its pH balanced formula is designed to be gentle on silk and keep them looking shiny and perfect for longer. It helps the fabric retain its glory and strength, keeping it looking new for as many times as you want to wear your stunning silk ensembles. This is literally love and care for your silk clothes, guys.

What’s more, we’ve got our beloved designer Manish Malhotra recommending Love & Care for your festive wear! It gets better -  Love & Care is designed to also ensure that the embroidery & adornments on your outfits remain shining. How do you use it? Well, we tried it ourselves and it was super easy! Pour some liquid from your Love & Care bottle, soak in that silky regalia, rinse after 15 minutes and dry it off. And voila, our dress was as shiny & new as before. So, this festive season go all out and dress yourself nonchalantly in those silk apparels and let Love & Care take good care of them.

Pro Tip

Get your hands on this beautiful bottle available at or visit your nearest Shoppers Stop. Now this might nudge you to hit the store & purchase it immediately! 

Also, an insider’s tip: Always & always follow garment wash and care instructions from labels, and avoid using it on clothes with “Dry Clean Only” tag. If there is no care label, do a patch test (we promise this will help!): rub a wet cotton bud on the inside of your garment and check to see if any colour appears on the bud – if it does, then your garment should go to the dry cleaners to avoid damaging the colour. Yeah, you can thank us later!

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