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Ford Finally Brings the Mustang to India

Aditya posted on 29 January

Ten Second Takeaway

Ford is bringing the world-famous Mustang to India. Sporting a smooth new style, the car will be unveiled at the Delhi Auto Expo 2016.

New car on the block

After debuting at the Auto Expo, Ford plans to have the Mustang in showrooms across the country later this year. The iconic vehicle, well known from its appearance in video games, movies and TV shows, has sold over a staggering nine million vehicles since it first went on sale in 1964.

Classic look, new features

The key features of the new Mustang are its design, suspension and smart technology. The unmistakable design features, such as the long hood and short rear deck are still evident, while some of the new elements include a better designed trunk, reduced roof height, and a large hi-definition display screen that puts all vehicle information in one convenient place.

The car also comes equipped with an all-new rear suspension and the latest edition of the 5.0-litre V8 engine. Featured in this Mustang is also a range of smart technologies. The Ford SYNC system will allow for easier connectivity, control over your in-car entertainment {using voice commands}.

An automotive icon

The expected price of this mean machine is between INR 45 lakh to INR 60 lakh. These select new features, plus a host more, will be unveiled and explained at the Auto Expo {you can win passes here!}. Don’t be surprised if by years' end you see a host of new Mustangs on the streets of Delhi.