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Forget Cocktails, Learn To Mix Perfumes At This Mixology Class

Rene posted on 31 October

What Is It?

Making your own burgers is just so mainstream, innit? Try your pro skills at mixing perfumes instead. 

Sign up for this workshop with Petrichor experts who’ll help you identify fragrances that best define you. After this, you’ll literally nosedive into the world of essence oils, working one scent at a time to create your own perfume.

Who Is It For?

Mad scientists who like to sniff and tell. Don’t tell us you haven’t tucked your nose into old books!

Those who’ve secretly mixed shampoos, hoarded aromatic soaps or obsessively tried perfumes at duty-free shops can channel their love for scents at this workshop.

Why Should I Go For It?

The prospect of being surrounded by sweet-smelling stuff at one of the most romantic outdoor places in town, Lodi – The Garden Restaurant, sealed the deal for us. If that’s not motivating enough, you get to name your creation, pack it in a tiny bottle and take it home.

Anything Else?

All hard working perfume makers will be entitled to discounted drinks from Lodi’s menu. Your workshop fee will also cover unlimited snacks and perfume making supplies {lemon grass oil and french fries FTW}.

Also, there are just 25 slots, so if you don’t want to regret later, book yours here

When: Nov 5

Timings: 5pm – 7pm

Price: INR 1,200 per person

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Fine Dining

Lodi - The Garden Restaurant

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locationLodhi Road

Opp. Mausam Bhawan, Near Gate 1, Lodhi Road, New Delhi

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Fine Dining