This Independence Day, we’re going all out with kitties full of kites and manja. Find us fumbling to get the kites airborne at the following places.

India Gate

Photo source: Wikipedia

Photo source: Wikipedia

With wide open spaces and a flurry of people, this is a great place to celebrate. There will be lots of street food and is really the perfect place to picnic, even though security will be tight. Make sure you’re carrying not much other than your patangbaazi paraphernalia and bottle of water for a day out in the sun.

Haveli Dharampura

Photo courtesy: Bharat Aggarwal

Photo courtesy: Bharat Aggarwal

Located in a spot that is the confluence of multiple religions—the Jama Masjid, Red Fort, Gurudwara Sisganj, Jain Mandir and many temples—Chandni Chowk is where the action is at. With a famous kite market to satiate your every whim, Chandni Chowk also is home to Haveli Dharampura, where you’ll catch us.

The terrace is breathtaking, with a stunning view and is easily the best spot to ai-bo those kites. They are also doing a high-tea for those making the trip.


While the area is not really known for its open spaces, this is where most kite-flyers congregate. Flying a kite where Old and New Delhi meet is quite the experience. And more than that, you might catch the mathra-walas waiting to cook up a storm for you.

Lodhi Gardens

Photo: Aarohi Mehra

Photo: Aarohi Mehra/LBB

Whether you know kite flying or not, this is a wonderful spot to catch up on your Poke-skills. But apart from that, come here for some casual kite-flying and picnicking. The numerous Poke-stops are just a bonus.

Nehru Park

If Lodhi is too full, this is our alternative. Give running a break and sit on the cool grass to enjoy all the kite-flyers on this day. There is also enough space for you to test those flying skills, without worrying about too much competition.

Neighbourhood Terraces

Photo: Anand Mohapatra/LBB

Photo: Anand Mohapatra/LBB

Last but not the least, the fun of kite-flying is in the friendly competitiveness amongst neighbours and friends. Try your terrace or meet up at the friends’ to wage war against other groups.

And there’s no better way to enjoy the day with friends, family and food, enjoying your freedom {amongst other things}.

Featured photo: Sweetaholic via Pixabay [CCo 1.0]