By Editors

Most women we know are full-time household caretakers, some work full time, some raise children full time and some do all of the above! It’s incredibly challenging, and we’re sure it involves putting their own needs on the backburner.

Budget hotel chain OYO Rooms recognizes this and looks to remedy it this month by declaring March 2015 ‘Healthy Women’s’ month. In association with Healthians, an online portal for health check-ups, they’ll be carrying out free health consultations for women every Sunday of the month.

They’re looking to promote the general issue of women’s health and hoping to address, or at least bring to women’s attention, the self-neglect that comes into play with women’s health. Women’s Day might come around once a year, but with this month they look to ensure that women’s health is solid all year long.

When: 15th Mar {Cardiology consultation}; 22nd Mar {Dietary consultation} and 29th Mar {ENT, dental consultation and free eye check-ups}

Where: OYO Women’s Exclusive {WE} hotel , South City-1, Gurgaon {landmark Huda City Centre}


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