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6 Free Home Workout Programmes To Get You In Shape For The New Year

Maanya posted on 26 November

Ten-Second Takeaway

It might be time to switch things up and knock off those extra kilos before 2016 comes to a close. There’s plenty of incentive too – you can enjoy all the festive food and drink without any of the guilt and you can make space for different resolutions in 2017.

So, without spending a penny on expensive gym memberships, sign up for these awesome home workout programmes. They’re free, effective, deliver results in under a month and don’t take too much time. Sounds kinda perfect, no?

Make Fat Cry Challenge - Betty Rocker

Fitness coach Betty Rocker has created a 30 day challenge with a focus on High Intensity Interval Training {HIIT}. Once you sign up, daily workouts are delivered straight to your inbox and they’re all equipment-free {body-weight only}. We’ve seen transformation pictures and the results of following through for a month are pretty incredible.

The best bit? Each workout takes only 15 minutes to do, but spikes your metabolism so you’re burning calories for upto 38 hours after you finish sweating.

Sign up for it here.

30 Days Of Yoga - Yoga With Adriene

If you’ve been wanting to start practicing, Yoga coach Adriene’s 30 day programme is highly-recommended. Commit yourself to mindful breathing, flexibility building stretches and asanas that burn fat and tone you up.

Adriene is very motivating and makes your workouts about more than just calorie burn – these 30 days of Yoga will leave you feeling optimistic, conscious and pretty wonderful, actually.

Check out the challenge playlist here and follow Adriene’s blog here.

Strong Like Susan - 30 Day Ab Challenge

Everyone wants strong, swoon-worthy abs – this is a truth universally acknowledged. So let fitness coach Susan take you through the nutrition, exercise and motivation that it takes to build a strong core.

Each day, she takes you through the exercises you’ll be performing that day and tries to let you take accountability for actually performing each one of them.

If you’re not into follow along videos, this is a great option for you. Write down the moves and take them to the gym – this programme requires equipment.

Dreamy abs start here. We’d supplement this with a sweat sesh on the treadmill for best results.

BeFit - BeFit In 30 Extreme

If you’ve been exercising for a while and have hit a weight-loss plateau, it might be time to shake things up with BeFit’s gruelling but result-focussed 30 day system. The challenge has three levels – each spread over 30 days – so it’s a complete 90 day programme that also lets you track your progress and test your strength.

Complete Level 1 by following along with the videos {all posted to YouTube} and planning your workouts with their calendar here. The workouts follow a HIIT format and will have you sweating in no time.

Progress to Level 2 in the New Year and continue crushing your goals.

The 28 Day Yoga For Beginners Program - Do You Yoga

Another amazing way to incorporate yoga practice in your day-to-day life, Do You Yoga’s 28 day guide is perfect for beginners. This one is about establishing a strong connection between your mind and body, as coach Kristin McGee guides you through poses and meditiation sessions.

We love some of their unusual workouts, like Yoga to cure headaches, poses for stress relief and even asanas to help you get more balanced.

Sign up for the challenge here.

Blogilates Beginner Workout Calendar

Cassey Ho has built a workout empire by making Pilates fun. She has more than three million followers, or POPsters, who swear by her free monthly workout calendars. However, as someone who jumped into those without any warning, here’s some advice – start small.

Cassey has developed a month-long beginner workout calendar for potential POPsters. Ease into this core-building style of working out so you can start the new year with her January calendar.

Check out her blog here to sign up for the beginner workout challenge.