We’ve reached out to you before and we’re about to again, for a matter that’s close to our hearts. Friendicoes is facing a huge amount of debt and the very real possibility that they may have to shut shop. In the past few weeks, Delhi, we’ve seen you rise to the occasion {with umpteen donations pouring in} but more funds need to be collected. We promise you’ll have fun as you do a good deed!

What’s the haps?

The minds behind Zorba, Q’la and Delhi Polite, along with their musician friends, decided to take action and they’ve put together a fundraiser for Friendicoes, with oodles of great music lined up. Join in, enjoy yourself and donate what you can {the more, the better}. The best part? You can bring your dogs along and share it with them.

What am I listening to?

You can expect to see {and listen to} the likes of Indian Ocean, Zoya, Think Floyd, Pranai Gurung and Kapil Chetri, Abhinav Khokar, MAP and more. These bands feature some of the city’s best talent, all for a great cause. The fact that it’s being held at a location with stellar sound is just an added benefit.

Friendicoes has helped so many of the injured, weak and downtrodden and now, they need your help. They also have an online donation portal in case you can’t physically make it!

When: 13th Sep, 4pm onwards

Where: Zorba, 166, MG Road, Sultanpur

Contact: +91 9810156615

Find out more here.

Donate online here.