#LessAndMore: Funky Lighters To Light That Fire

Chandni posted on 01 September

Whether it’s that cigarette you want to light {no, we do not endorse smoking, but we understand!}, a candle for when the power goes out, or your stove for when your kitchen lighter’s given up on you, and you cannot, for the life of you, find your matchboxes, lighters always come in handy.

Here are two super cool ones, one for the broke and one for the, well, not so broke!

For Less: Playing Card Style Lighter

It’s cool enough that you have a set of playing cards in your pocket, but it’s cooler if you have a lighter attached to it, don’t you think? Plus, it looks pretty when you take it out in public and light it {especially around Diwali, yougaiiz}.

Price: INR 399

Buy it online here.

For More: Zippo Black Matte Lighter With Logo

If you have the monies, go get yourself a Zippo today. Really. It’s classy, it’s black, and lasts really long. And if you get too attached to it and manage to not lose it, feel free to refuel and pass it on to your next-of-kin!

Price: INR 2,371

Buy it online here.