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There's A New Fried Chicken Eatery In Delhi & They're Keeping Things Desi

Poulomi posted on 17 July


Here’s some great news that will make your fried-chicken-loving heart happy. Genuine Broaster Chicken has come up with its first outlet in Delhi – and its US-Indo fast food menu has won our hearts already.

New Chick On The Block

The Hudson Lane area is a gift that keeps on giving when it comes to finding new places to eat at.  The Genuine Broaster Chicken outlet is a brand new addition to the swarm of eating joints on campus, conveniently located just a few steps ahead of Big Yellow Door.

The interiors are a shout-out to its origins – with hanging sports helmets serving as planters, seat covers in the colours of the US flag, and a peculiar choice of celebrity portraits {case in point, Einstein and Elvis flanking the big TV screen}. Although, the quirk quotient that we’re used to in Hudson Lane eateries has been maintained, with the gunny sacks on the ceiling and the chicken humour on the walls.

Not Just Winging It

The food is a mish-mash of their classic US menu items and a desi palate {think KFC but better, and with a much wider menu}. Plus, celebrity chef Harpal Singh is responsible for some of the more fun items in there, so the taste is far from a let-down.

We loved the rogan josh burger, which comes with a tender lamb patty and a curried sauce between striking red sesame buns. There are more interesting main course plates, including the Ghotala Khichdi and the Chow Chow Noodle burger. However, if you’re not to be bothered with all this fancy stuff, make a beeline for the assorted platter, which lets you taste the Legendary Genuine Broaster Chicken, the Happy Fried Chicken and the Hot Masala Chicken. They also have six different varieties of chicken wings and jumbo platters for their appetizers, so taking all your friends along to GBC is your best strategy for conquering the menu.

To wash down all this food, they have the Chulbul and Bulbul sodas, which are basically your everyday aerated drinks taken a notch higher. But the most golden option in the beverages section is the caffeine-loaded Palang Tod, which involves an entire shot of espresso dropped {quite literally} in a mug of Redbull. Something tells us this is going to be a bestseller when those dreadful exam months come knocking.

Lastly, don’t leave without trying the gorgeous gulkand muffin {another Chef Harpal Singh special}, and the summer-friendly chocolate samosas served in mango ice cream.

So We're Saying...

If fast food is your one true love in life, you have a special friend in Genuine Broaster Chicken the next time you’re on campus.

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