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The Gatimaan Express Is Now Operational

Urvee posted on 05 April

Initially supposed to roll out in March, the Gatimaan Express—India' first semi-high speed train—is finally here. It has started operations, and will be running between Hazrat Nizammuddin and Agra Cantonment six days a week {except Fridays}.

The train, which runs at 160 kmph, has two executive AC chair cars {INR 1,500 per pax}  and eight AC chair car coaches {INR 750 per pax}. The food will be catered by IRCTC {ugh}, but at least there'll be entertainment. Yup, you're going to be able to watch videos or movies. No word on Wi-Fi unfortunately. 

PS: We've heard that it's only 17 minutes faster than the Shatabdi. Well, as long as we reach Agra comfortably in 90 minutes, that's fine by us. Will you be taking this semi-high speed train?

Featured image courtesy: Namo India