Take A Road Trip To Geejgarh For A Dose Of Nature & History

Geejgarh Village Resort


Sip on some crisp clean air and enjoy being pampered under the stars at the Geejgarh Village Resort, a comfy 220 km from Delhi near Alwar in Rajasthan.

Hello, Nature!

Set amidst the rocky Aravalli hills, with stunning sunsets in the backdrop, The Geejgarh Village Resort marries al fresco living with modern amenities and a very comforting vibe. The ‘be one with nature’ theme continues in the setting of the camp, and in little excursions around the fields that reveal farm fresh winter greens {that eventually make their way to our table}. The resort itself is set amidst gorgeous fields, and easy excursions around the property reveal farm fresh winter greens, playful birds and stately old mango trees.

The best part- hopping aboard a local hi-bred transit invention that is part jeep, part tonga, and a whole lot of fun.

Feast Like A Raja

Meals are homely, yet elaborate, and feature familiar and regional flavours. Aloo parathas, egg curry, a very zingy carrot raita and an absolutely sigh inducing portion of saffron phirni are some of our most pleasing memories from the weekend.

Let's Go Out

The good part of the outdoors is that it is easy to work off an indulgent meal. A brisk 40-minute walk from the resort, that makes its way through the village and up a neighbouring hillock, lands you at the ruins of the old fort. In the mood for more strenuous action, we also took advantage of the on-site badminton court for a couple of quick games pre-dinner.

The resort also arranges for a trip to the local Khadi centre. You could also visit the famed Chand Baori in the village of Abhaneri, it’s worth it.


Geejgarh Village Resort