By Poorva Shourie Jassi

We came across this little piece of Germany smack in the middle of one of the busiest markets in Delhi! Zu Tisch came as a pleasant discovery as I, and my foodie companion, roamed around the familiar streets of M Block market GK-1, hoping to discover a gold mine. And discover we did!

Zu Tisch is not very hard to find. If you are walking on the side of the market that houses Dunkin Donuts, you will have no problem spotting it. At the entrance, you will be greeted by a friendly face who is quick to show you the menu, thereby hooking you on the spot!

The place in itself is warm and comforting; spacious yet very cozy. You can sit inside, or on the balcony; we took a table inside and got right down to business – ordering ‘das’ food.

The menu, at the moment, is not very elaborate. Since the restaurant wants to keep the whole German influence alive, they have gone ahead and added many Pork centric dishes; chicken lovers and vegetarians, there aren’t too many options for you just yet. Having said that, everything we ordered was delicious, and very well presented.

We started our culinary adventure by ordering the Chicken Keftas, six pieces of well grilled chicken, presented on skewers, accompanied with Charmoulah Sauce, hung curd, and a concoction of tomato and onions. The chicken was very soft and grilled well, the hung curd had just the right amount of sourness, and the salsa {for the lack of a better name} was sweet and pleasant. But what really blew our taste buds away was the Charmoulah Sauce. The combination of chicken and all these accompaniments brought a rush of flavours that were super distinct, and a treat for our palates.

For mains, we ordered the Paprika Honey Glazed Chicken Sandwich with less sweetness, and the Cordon Bleu. The sandwich was once again packed with the right kind of flavours. The chicken and the bacon were cooked to perfection, and the baguette and the rocket were super fresh and crisp.

The Cordon Bleu was great too. The Chicken and Ham Rolls were fried to perfection, and the cheese packed in the right amount of cheesy goodness, ensuring that the flavour was not too powerful.

Both these dishes were served with some of the best tasting Potato Wedges! I usually prefer French Fries, given that I have never found wedges that have the right kind of seasoning. However, these wedges completely changed my mind!

Since the restaurant is just a little over a month old, they don’t have a full-blown dessert section yet. For the time being, they are getting their desserts from Elma’s, and thus are working with limited quantities. Also, their wine selection is very limited {only two options for red wine}. I’m sure that will change with time too.

All in all, the place is great, the service is warm, and quick, and the food is different and tastes great! A must visit.

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Visit Zu Tisch for German specialities, and best of all, a dessert selection from Elma’s. All in all, efficient service, different but must-try food and a relaxed, laid back ambience.

Where: 2nd Floor, M 18, M Block Market, GK 1

Contact: 011 33105266

Price: INR 1,200 for two people {approx.}