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    Get All Your Salon Needs Sorted With Stylofie.Com

    Mary posted on 11 July

    Not all salons were created equal {obviously}, and we know that you cannot trust just anyone with your beauty and hair treatments. Which is why, available on mobile and desktop, brings together some really practical offers aimed at simplifying and enhancing your entire salon experience.

    Exclusive Services

    Whether you’re trying to deal with dull and lacklustre skin or want a drop-dead gorgeous new hairstyle, Stylofie lets you choose everything according to your convenience. Want to know about the rate or quality of service offered at a salon? Log on to the app/website and find out about their rate cards, customer reviews and even browse pictures of your neighbourhood salons. Pick the ones that suit both your need and budget, and save yourself some precious time and effort.

    Book An Appointment

    Arriving at a salon and finding it full can be really disheartening, to say the least, which is why Stylofie allows you to pre-book your appointments, so that you can schedule your salon-time according to your convenience. With shopping, meeting friends and dining out {among other things}, we understand that your weekend can sometimes be hectic. Booking yourself an appointment in advance ensures that your time is spent on things that really matter.

    Want an appointment with your favourite stylist? With Stylofie, that is sorted as well.

    Discounts & More

    Looking pretty and stylish might more often than not burn a big hole in your pocket. Stylofie not only offers an amazing range of discounts {up to 50%} on the usual services, but also has a loyalty program that makes you eligible for a free salon voucher after ten successful transactions. Pampering yourself just got better than ever before!

    More Features To Be Added

    A host of exciting features are still to be added to the platform, which means that your experience is only about to get better. Stylofie will soon launch a new section, which will have skin and haircare tips to help you enhance your beauty regime. Also, with the creation of digital look books in their app, you can even add the latest fashion trends to your personal style statement. Lots to look forward too, we bet!

    So We’re Saying is the perfect app for those looking to make their salon experience easy, convenient and affordable. With a wide range of features and salon packages, we are sure that you will keep returning to them for their high quality recommendations and services.

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