Old-time Gurgaon peeps will remember a time when the only decent place to get a picture framed was at a tiny corner store in Galleria. Old timers in general will remember a time when books were judged by covers, first pages, and GSM.

Now we’re not here to talk down technology or nostalgically talk up the smell of parchment. The world’s changing; you can either lament or decide not to get left behind. But for the odd moment when our impulsive airport purchase fails us and we’re wondering what kind of read will manage to keep the pages turning, we’re so happy we can still walk through the aisles of Quill and Canvas.

What started as a 200 square foot shop, turned into a 760 square foot shop; and then it got too big for Galleria! The new avatar of Quill and Canvas can be found in a 2400 square foot gallery at South Point Mall on Golf Course Road.

This remarkable growth is of course in some part due to our love for literature, but more so because of smart adaptation to changing times by the owner, Shobha. She decided to flip things around so that art, which was earlier a smaller part of the business, is now fronting.


Her intuition about her readers’ preferences also extends to the art part of the business. Quill and Canvas is now mostly canvas; it works as a gallery for showing, as well as purchase of artworks. She was supporting artists like Tirthanker Biswas and Vallery Puri long before they became big names; her current relationships include S.N. Sarkar, Jogen Chowdhury, and Arpan Bhowmick, as well as other DAG and Thumilal Gallery worthy talent.

Good investments need good advisers; she’s yours. She can advise buyers about art that would pass a critic’s eye as well as hang comfortably in somebody’s home. A trait inherited from her publishing career when she used to commission authors, it comes down to picking the right ones, which works out great for us, if we are going to spend INR 30,000 or thereabouts on a piece for keeps.


In the meanwhile, Shobha recommends the new title on the second shelf from the bottom, extreme left corner, on the third book stand you’ll pass after the travel section.

Where: First Floor, South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

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