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    Go Girl: Reebok’s New Campaign With Kangana Ranaut Will Inspire You To Fight For Equal Pay

    Anushka posted on 23 November


    We’ve always loved Reebok for pushing societal boundaries and bringing up important issues. With their #GirlsDontFight campaign, the second video is inspiring us to talk about a significant issue: Equal pay.

    Payday Is A Happy Day?

    When you start your career, you realise work is not a phase of your life, it’s a part of your identity. You work hard and make sure everything from big business meetings and presentations to late night conference calls, everything gets your best attempt. But when the payslips get printed for you and your male colleagues, chances are the digits don’t match at all.

    Not only does this leave one with feelings of low self-worth and helplessness but also evokes anger and resentment. And just as Reebok perceives it in their video {with Kangana’s powerful voice to back it up}, when you “roar like one, you’ll get the lion’s share”. The point being, it’s time to channel that fury to take charge and stand up for your rights.

    A strong believer in girl power and equality, Reebok has always taken a strong stand to motivate women around the world to stay fit, strong and happy. With their new campaign, they’re encouraging women to step out of their comfort zones and embrace their fighting spirit!

    Whether it’s the glass ceiling that exists in the workplace or issues with maintaining a work-life balance, women face a lot of challenges in building their career. With their siren call for equal pay “if you want us to stay”, it’s time to end discriminatory practices, and revolutionise the workplace.

    Watch the video now and get ready to fight back!

    Share this with your female squad and make your voice heard. After all, equal pay for equal work are the five most kickass words one can hear together.

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