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Mean Bosses Killing Your Creativity? Get Your Mojo Back At Tattva Festival

Rene posted on 8th March

What Is It?

A two-day residential retreat that’s aimed at nurturing your creative side through a mix of workshops and activities such as dance, pottery, meditation, art, theatre, music and more. Zorba the Buddha hosts this twice a year and coaxes you to explore and express your feelings, leaving all those inhibitions behind.

Who Is It For?

Those feeling uninspired to chase their dreams or even anyone feeling bummed out by daily rigours. Don’t get us wrong though: It’s not some place you go if you’re sad. You could be in a perfectly happy space in life but still sign up because it’s just got so much stuff to do all day that’s not domestic, office or even remotely boring {from belly dancing to evening jams}.

The workshop itinerary is put up every day for people to plan what they intend to enrol for {if it all they want to} and the day is punctuated with organic meals that are enjoyed out in the greens along with the other participants.

Why Should I Go For It?

You can walk around wearing feathers in your hair or stargaze for hours and nobody judges you. You can even dance badly or sing completely out of tune. You can make clay pots or participate in live cooking sessions. You can wake up early and go for yoga or sleep in and dance till odd hours. 

Basically, this place let’s everyone be their own person and it’s such a refreshing change when pitted against the staid corporate lives we lead every day.

Another plus: It kickstarts on Friday evening and ends on Sunday and is in a beautifully secluded part of the city where you can hear the birds chirp and see star clusters you’ve forgotten about while living in your residential complex.

You’re free to laugh like a maniac or cry inconsolably {you’ll always find a shoulder here} and we’ve actually shared so many stories with so many people we’d otherwise never meet in your life including the resident bauls who are always smiling. 

Anything Else?

We went here the last time and still hold fond memories. Take our word and know that it’d be totally worth it. If none of your “masks” come out, you’ll still enjoy a much-needed staycation at least… Nothing to lose, really. 

The workshops here are all facilitated by experts and are free – you pay for the stay and meals.

When: Mar 10 – 12

Where: Zorba The Buddha

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