Get the Best Deals on Your Apps Courtesy Voodoo

Namrata posted on 21 January


A fairly new player on the app market, Voodoo compares prices across a variety of apps, so that you get the best deal.

Black magic?

The name threw us off too, but once we used the app, we see what they mean alright. How it works is that once you’ve installed and activated it, you open a particular app, say Uber. Click on the Voodoo icon {it’ll be on your screen already} and it’ll pull up prices for similar taxis across a variety of apps, such as Ola and Taxiforsure, so you can compare before booking.

Why we would use it

We won’t lie, we’re always worried about getting ripped off when we’re paying online. Our #fomo kicks in- what if there’s a better deal somewhere else? That’s where Voodoo comes in. When you’re looking at a product, they’ll pull up its price across portals, so if you can get it at a better rate somewhere else, you’ll know. We’re not saying it’s magic, but sure feels like it.

What we love

Each of their sections {shopping, coupons, cabs, fashion} has a range of apps that you can apply Voodoo to, but you don’t need to have all those apps on your phone- just one from each category. More space for those photo editing apps.

What we’d use them for

Electronics. Considering the variety on apps such as Flipkart, Jabong and Myntra {all of which Voodoo covers}, the biggest challenge is finding a good product at a low cost. It just became a breeze with this app.

Ready to see the magic?

Find out more here and get the app here.