We read a million articles about the benefits of running – weight loss, keeping your heart healthy, relieving stress, boosting your immune system and for general happiness. Metaphorically, we also went to run away from stressful situations, and sometimes from the hum drum of our regular, monotonous lives. For all you lovers of running, GameOn India has introduced a concept that’ll take you into an arena very unlike the monotony of real life! They call it – The Devil’s Circuit.

The Devil’s Circuit is India’s biggest and most challenging obstacle run. A commando-like run, it takes place over a 5 kilometer course, where obstacles include those made of fire, mud, water and ropes. Designed by Navy commandos, we’d say they are a pretty good test of your fitness and agility. The best part is though, this is not a rat race. The aim isn’t to beat the next person, its just to instill a sense of personal achievement and satisfaction. And you don’t have to do this alone – there’s loud music and whole cheering community to get you through the course!

Also, the track is designed so participants have to help each other through the obstacles. A gender neutral event, it is open to working professionals, embassy personnel, corporates, and all running enthusiasts. Come meet like minded who share your love of running, test your fitness levels and bond as you run, crawl and jump over strategically laid out obstacles.

The best part – you get rewarded just for crossing the finish line, with a medal, an energy drink, a t-shirt and lots more!

If you’re interested, block October 6th, 2013 on your calendar, and show up at Lotus City, Yamuna Expressway, Greater Noida.

Look for more details
at  http://www.gameonindia.net/