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Time For A Getaway? 5 Incredible Trips To Take Before You Turn 30

Nikita posted on 28 March

Turning 30 could be {and is} a huge milestone in one’s life! You probably have more money in your bank account, a better sense of who you are and, more importantly, you’ve discovered your travel style. Take a break from your hectic schedule, and make plans that will help you lock down some major life goals. To give you company on this journey of three-O milestone, we found a book- Twenty Nine Going On Thirty by Andaleeb Wajid, which is a narrative about that fast-approaching birthday and all the drama that comes with it. It’s the story of Priya, and her friends {Farida, Mini and Namrata} who are on the brink of their 20s, and are willing to live it to the fullest. So, here’s a list of 5 incredible vacay spots you can choose from, and take your squad for a little stress-buster getaway as you make your way into the glorious 30s.

Go On A Safari In Africa

If your love for nature knows no bounds, a drive into the wild forests in Tanzania can do wonders. A perfect mix of excitement, intrigue and adventure, this journey would fascinate someone like Farida, who is free-spirited and loves to explore. Africa is the closest you can get to when it comes to sleeping in tented camps and spotting Lions, African Elephants, Cape Buffalos, Rhinos and Leopards. Sleep under a starry sky and wake up to the sounds of nature.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Looking for a luxury getaway which involves spas and hot springs, but doesn’t leave you penniless? Iceland is our best bet! Known for the turquoise-coloured waters, pooled within a lava-field basin rich in minerals like silica and sulfur, you will never want to step out of the geothermal springs. And, when you do, expect to step out of the natural hot tub feeling primed and pampered. This is the kind of getaway you and your squad need at least once a year to de-stress and recharge from within, the kinds that someone like Priya could use at least once a year to de-stress from her mother’s constant reminders to take the plunge.

Wine Tasting in Bordeaux

Did you retire from the club scene a while ago, and move on to the art of eating well and enjoying the finer things in life – like wine? Head over to Bordeaux, a city in France, which is the hub of famed wineries. While we’re talking about staying low-key and enjoying yourself with your close ones on a journey like this, we could only think of yet another character from the book, Namrata who is shy but comes out of her shell with time. Meandering through the lush vineyards, sipping some of the most highly-coveted wine blend in the world, blending your own wine and taking a cooking lesson to prepare the perfect meal with a glass of wine are some of the ways to unwind with your close friends and live up to #SquadGoals. This is a perfect ideas for a girls getaway!


Chances are that you haven’t heard of this yet because it’s actually a new-found-land! If you’re planning to take a trip to a secluded land which is calm and has a laid-back approach to life, this should be your pick. Situated in Canada, the sleepy Atlantic Canadian province doesn’t exactly have the international appeal, like the mainstream cities like Montreal and Toronto. What it has are the quaint fishing villages, arctic wildlife and jaw-droppingly beautiful national parks, perfect for someone like Mini who’s always looking forward to a new adventure from time to time.

Overwater Huts In Bora Bora

If you’re lacking some vitamin Sea in life, the Bora Bora islands are all you need in life. This place doesn’t only have promising beaches to party but also over-water huts you can stay at. After browsing this picturesque French Polynesian paradise online, you and your friends won’t need much coaxing to make the plan. A getaway to this island will be a mix of amazing parties and beautiful evening walks at the crystal-clear beaches. So, if you’re turning 30 and feeling overwhelmed, take some time out and cruise away to one of the above with your gang of besties. Before you set your feet to travel far and wide, grab a copy of Twenty Nine Going On Thirty by Andaleeb Wajid and experience the story of 4 girls who’re finding their footing {like all of us} as they embark on a journey of self exploration. We know letting go of your 20s is never easy, but this warm, witty and wonderful read will help you feel young forever as it talks about navigating between love and friendship and the difference between growing up and growing old. Find out more about Penguin Random House India on their website, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for exciting updates and information.