Getting Into A New Adventure Hobby? Score Your Equipment Here

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Thinking of getting into rock climbing, trekking or mountain climbing before the summers hit? Zanskar Outdoor Equipment stocks all you might need for your adventure endeavours, and would be happy to help you choose what you want according to your needs and budget.

Who Is It For?

For all adventure enthusiasts, though that doesn’t mean an amateur has no use for the assortment of generally useful stuff they offer, like tents, sports knives and the likes.

Why Should I Check It Out?

They’re not just a retailer; a lot of the stuff they sell is manufactured in-house, as well as exported to sports shops across the country. From simple caps to rucksacks, sleeping bags, tents {a lot of types of them, too} and life jackets, they stock everything you might require to set off on that adrenaline-fuelled adventure of yours.

Anything Else?

While they don’t really have an option for you to buy online, you can check out their website for what you’re looking for and send them a request, and they’d promptly get back to you with details on how to go about purchasing it. You can also just visit their store in Okhla and check out their collection the old school way.


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