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    #LBBLoves: Men, Class It Up With Gentventory’s Leather Goods

    Jayati posted on 16 July

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    We’re loving the briefcases, wallets and other accessories made purely out of leather from Gentventory, the most recent online brand to foray into luxury goods for men.

    What It’s About

    Launched online in February by founder Rishabh Saurastri, Gentventory embraces the old-school charm and air of a gentleman. From classy briefcases, wallets to even card holders, they do it all {with a hint of gentleman romance}, made out of full-grain Italian Buffalo leather.

    The briefcase collection features three styles: Corvus {smallest briefcases}, Canute {medium-sized} and the Windsor {large-sized}. They also deliver worldwide, and pan-India, with a standard delivery charge.

    What We Love

    This is a simple, classy and polished accessory collection for men. Though priced slightly on the higher end, we think the high quality of the bags and wallets is worth the splurge.

    We’re loving the pleat wallets in all colours, and their money clips, which is basically a slim wallet with a clip in between sans the card holders {Woah, what?}. They’ll be coming out with a collection of hand-stitched neck ties, and pocket squares soon, too.


    We’ve also heard whispers of them doing hand-stitched bags, open to customisations in future, so we’re definitely keeping an eye out for that.

    Where: Shop on Instagram here

    Contact: +91 8888858535

    Price: Briefcases INR 10,000 upwards, wallets INR 2,600 upwards; card holders INR 1,200 – 1,500

    Follow them on Facebook here.