Gharcentre For a Complete Home Makeover


Consider Gharcentre a one-stop marketplace where you can find inspiration for your home, get an estimate on the look you choose, and get assistance in designing your humble {or lavish} abode, the way you wish.

Look through the lookbook

Gharcentre’s primary feature is the Lookbook, {put together by home and interior designers} for each part of the house. You can browse through looks for the bedroom, kitchen, or even a small seating area, and if one catches your fancy, you have the option of buying the entire thing. But if you’re one of those who can’t trust an online purchase for something as big as furniture or upholstery {we know we are}, you can ask them for an appointment with the particular store.

Looking for an even bigger project? They can put you in touch with some contractors & interior designers and provide a quotation for the work required.

This and that

If a complete home project is not what you need, they have cushion covers, coffee tables, and other items for smaller home projects as well. Since they’re new in the business, we believe it may be while before their categories are flowing with choices. Until then, we’ll browse.

Contact: +91 9711556843

Price: Ranging from INR 600 {for individual product} to INR 12,00,000 {for entire look}

To browse through looks and products, check out the website here.

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