This Brand is Delivering Bespoke Decor Kits That Will Leave You In Awe!

    What makes it awesome?

    By now most of us have spent our birthdays (I hear you Cancerians) and other  important occasions at home and it’s just not as much fun! Not being able to have friends over is the right thing (for now) but who says you can’t make it fun for you and your loved ones? Well now, no more boring ambience and plain party rooms, because Paper Plumes x Melted is here to wipe all your decor worries away! Paper Plumes along with its sister brand “Melted” is launching a new concept by bringing us Decor, prop carts and gift hampers home. Melted specialises in handcrafted luxury soaps and candles, which are made using essential oils sustainably sourced from the farthest reaches of the world. Melted also creates some of the finest luxury gift hampers for all your gifting needs such as festivities, corporate gifting, baby showers, weddings etc. This new venture introduces precious hampers with unique and quirky props and occasional decor at your doorstep for occasions like baby showers, theme birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, festivals, weddings, proposals and much more. To add a cherry on top, to cater to your special needs they even offer a team of decorators and planners to help you  make your special day a complete blast! So customise your  decor for your favorite people and let them know how special they are with this brand’s customised gift hampers!

    Started in 1998, Paper Plumes has been catering to bespoke decorating needs in malls, weddings, corporate offices and more. With their new venture, they’re all set to give your homely occasion, a beautiful and thoughtful party ambience, decor and quirky hampers to complement your special needs. Whether it's your sister's bridal shower or your own themed birthday party, this brand is ready to beautify any occasion marked on your calendar. The best part about this venture is their hands-on experience with decor and curation of handcrafted candles and soaps, which gives the quirky decor hampers a personal and organic touch, well suited with your needs. 


    Say goodbye to those readymade, factory-made hampers and say hello to these beautiful decor hampers curated carefully to suit your style. So what are you waiting for? Head over to their Facebook and Instagram to know more about their hand crafted and beautifully curated and customised decor hampers.