Makes Sure Women Get The Legal Aid They Need

Sunaina posted on 13 December

Shortcut, launched in September, is an all-in-all legal information guide for women in India. Created by Women’s Legal Service Tasmania, it helps them legally kick ass when faced with an unpleasant situation.

Where It All Began

Behind this brilliant aid for women is an Australian-based law firm called Women’s Legal Service Tasmania. It all happened in India, when they decided to collaborate with TRL Law Offices based out of New Delhi. They now have a full-fledged office at Sarvodiya Enclave, as well as a fully-functional website you can get your basic information from.

Girls Gotta Know What?

Their website offers aid for a variety of issues women have to deal with every day. Whether it’s advice on property rights after a breakup or problems faced while housing or renting to even partying and trouble, the user-friendly interface and quirky explanations are aiming at the right audience.

It also features matters related to domestic violence, employment and monetary problems, same-sex relationships and live-in relationships.

So We’re Saying…

It’s a fabulous knowledge outpour from a proper source, and every city dwelling woman should know the tiniest details listed here. After all, knowledge is power!

Featured photo: Siddhi Soi/LBB