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Girls Night In? Throw An Epic House Party With These Rostaa Goodies

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Don’t we all love the allure of the little black dress, high heels and bold lipstick colours when we step out? But with an exhausting schedule, it’s hard to motivate ourselves to get out of bed and wear anything except pyjamas. So who says we have to dress up? Throw an epic house party instead – and if you need the right snacks and savoury goodies that’ll get your guests comfortable and chilling as soon as they walk in, Rostaa's here to solve your woes.

    With Rostaa’s range of mixes and nuts, you can be snacking on everything from salted cashews (super yum!), trail mix, almonds and more. Want to make it even better? Why not prepare some delicious no-bake granola bars using Rostaa's Goji Berries to munch on? Delicious, nutritious and light on the stomach, you can keep binge drinking and snacking till wee hours of the morning without worrying about that horrible hangover.

    How can anyone throw a house party without a fun, interactive game? Play an epic round of A Little Bit Nutty. Take 20 nuts from the Rostaa pack on several plates and put the plates on a large table. Place an empty plastic cup and drinking straw beside each plate. Have your guest sit in front of the plate and on the word “Go,” they must use nothing but the drinking straw to transfer all the nuts on the plate to the cup. The first one to transfer all wins!

    Throwing a party can be stressful tool, so don’t forget to take care of yourself while you’re planning and organising an amazing night. A pack of Mix Berries by Rostaa will come in handy for sweet and tangy snacking.

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