By Upasana Gupta

All that glitters is not gold. True. It’s diamonds, polki, pearls and more.

Some of the most precious possessions are heirlooms passed onto us are from dadis and nanis {seriously wondering how they manage to keep it as good as new after all these years}; the treasured Cartier emerald brooch, a string of basra pearls or just something silver. There’s a story behind every piece of jewelry, and we owe it to that to take good care of it.

Blame it on the rush we’re always in, or on our carelessness – it’s not easy taking care of intricate, exquisite jewelry. With wedding season and Diwali around the corner, it’s a must to take care of pieces that make you look beautiful. And here’s telling you how |

Diamonds are Forever


Kundan / Polki | The Uncut Diamonds




All that Glitters | Gold




Shine Bright!